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Time 4:10-5:30pm


CIS 131 Networking Technology
Instructor: Mr. Hull mrhull@cis131.com
Course Description: Students will develop an understanding of networking as it applies to information processing.  Topics include basic concepts and terminology, types of networks, network hardware, operating system software, network administration, network applications, and current trends in networking.
Course Objective:

The objective of this course is to give practical real word networking.  To learn teamwork, project management, and time management.  To obtain an understanding of networking concepts and terminology.

Textbook: "Computer Networking First Step", Wendell Odom










Attendance: Students are expected to attend and be on time for each class.  Notice that 10% of your grade depends on your participation in the class.  Missing more then two lectures will result in a failing grade.  If you are more then 15 minutes late it will count as an absence.

Makeup's will only be arranged for strong reasons, and they will be much harder.  Late homework will not be accepted.

Outline: (Subject to change)
  • Part 1: Network Basics

    • What is a Network

    • Different Types of Networks

    • Types of Network Use

    • Binary

    • TCP/IP model

    • OSI model

  • Part 2: Running the Local Department of (Network) Transportation

    • What is  LAN

    • Physical Media

    • Ethernet Frame

    • CSMA/CD

    • MAC Addressing

    • Switch's vs. Hub's

    • Full vs. Half Duplex

    • VLAN's

    • Broadcast Domains

    • Layer 8

    • Trunking

  • Part 3: Shipping and Logistics: Commerce Using the (Network) Roadways

    • How does e-mail work?

    • FTP

    • HTTP

    • TCP vs. UDP

  • Part 4: Navigating the Roadways to Find the Right Street Address

    • IP Addressing

    • Subnetting

    • Routing

  • Part 5: Building an Interstate (Inter-LAN) Highway System

    • WAN's

    • Addressing on a WAN

    • HDLC

    • Frame Relay

    • Virtual Circuits

    • Connecting to the Internet

  • Part 6: Securing the Network

    • Authentication

    • Authorization

    • PAP, CHAP

    • Encryption

    • VPN

    • Firewalls

    • DMZ

    • IDS

Download Both the Assignment Policy and Syllabus in Microsoft Word format

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