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Project Summary: Due Date: 12/14/05 - PAST DUE

      You are trying to win a bid on a networking project for a local doctor's office.  They are building two new buildings which need to be networked.  Along with this building project they will be purchasing new equipment for the offices.  The buildings are located next to each other and need to be connected.  You will be responsible for all hardware and software purchases.  Your budget for this project is $150,000.  If you go over budget your group will lose 10 points.  You will loose 15 points for each day the project is late.


Building Blueprints:

       You will find the layout of each building here.  The first link is an html version of the blueprints that will give you more information.  The second link contains a jpeg version of the blueprints that can be helpful with your diagram.  The two buildings are 500ft apart and separated by a parking lot.

What You Need:



  • One computer for each office and exam room.  Three for each receptionist's office.

    • Windows XP Professional

    • 1GB of Ram

    • CD-Burner

    • 17in flat panel monitors

  • Two servers per building

    • Windows 2003 Server

    • 2 GB or Ram

    • RAID 1 and/or 5

    • Redundant power supplies

    • Backup hardware

  • 4 black laser network printers for the exam room building

  • 1 black laser network printer for the office building

  • 1 color laser network printer for the exam room building

  • 1 color laser network printer for the office building

  • 8 color ink printers for the office building

  • Switches with enough ports to support all network nodes at each location.

  • Router(s)

  • Patch cables, patch panels.

  • Medium (fiber, copper, wi-fi etc) 2000ft for internal, 1000ft for external.


  • Medical software - A patient scheduling software package.

  • Mail server software

  • Office software for clients

  • Centrally managed antivirus software for servers, clients, and mail filtering (server side).

  • Server backup software

  • Licensing - Client Access Licenses

Project Layout:

      Your project should be broken down into the following seven parts.  The grading of this project will depend on you including and clearly defining these parts.  Also your project must meet the requirements for each part in order to receive full credit.

  • Part 1 (5 pts) Opening Paragraph A quick summary of your bid on your company's letterhead.  This should include the total price, network topology, MAC protocol, medium summary, and medical software summary.

  • Part 2 (25 pts) Price List An itemized table view of everything you need to purchase for this project including the item, description, quantity, unit price, and total price.  The bottom of the table should include the total cost of the project which should match the price given in part 1.  See the section titled "What You Need" for more information on what should be in this section.

  • Part 3 (15 pts) Network Explanation Explain your solution for connecting the two buildings.  Describe the connection from the pc to the server.  Explain how the two buildings will access the Internet.  Include your network topology and MAC protocol.

  • Part 4 (25 pts) IP Scheme Include you IP address scheme for your network in a table form.  This will include you network ID, subnet mask, static IP addresses, dynamic IP address, gateway(s).  Make sure you have enough IP's and that you use an internal scheme.

  • Part 5 (10 pts) Software Solution You will need to provide a information on medical software to keep an inventory of patients and appointments.  You will also need to provide e-mail to the users.  Provide an antivirus solution for clients, servers and e-mail.  Include benefits, features and licensing. 

  • Part 6 (15 pts) Diagram Include a diagram that will show your wiring closets with equipment, computer and printer placement, server placement and medium location.

  • Part 7 (5 pts) Bibliography You must prove the prices from Part 2 in this section.  If a part is missing from the bibliography you will lose credit in this part and part 2.  A print out from a website or a photocopy from a magazine are both acceptable.


The parts are color coded, have one person work on each color.  Download the grading spreadsheet to check your progress.



Hand in the project in a binder with partitions separating each part.  Your margins should be 1" on top and bottom, and 1.25" on sides.  Your font should be Times New Roman size12pt and double spaced.

  • Part 1 - One paragraph

  • Part 2 - Table

  • Part 3 - 2 pages

  • Part 4 - Table

  • Part 5 - 2 pages

  • Part 6 - Electronic Diagram.  If you have Visio 2003 here are the doc's Building1, Building2. Here are the same files in Visio 2002 format, Building1, Building2.

  • Part 7 - Print out of webpage's or photocopies of magazine in the same order as part 2 with item and price highlighted.

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