CIS 131 Unit 2 Game Directions

  This game is a chance for you to earn more points towards the Unit 2 test and to review the material covered.


How to Play:

I will choose a category and level to start.  I will then read the question and you will raise your hand if you know the answer.  The first person who raises their hand will get a chance to answer the question.  In the event of a tie all parties involved will be asked to write the answer down on a piece of paper and I will look at the answers.

  • If the question is answered correctly the person or persons will receive the number of points associated  with the question they answered towards the Unit 2 test.  Each person can earn a maximum of 4 points.

  • If the question is incorrect no points are rewarded to anyone and the answer will be revealed.

The last person to answer a question correctly will have control of the board.  They will choose the next category and level.  The game is over when all questions have been answered.

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