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Time 5:45-7:05pm

Course: CIS 232 Server Administration
Instructor: Mr. Hull mrhull@cis131.com

Course Description:

Students will evaluate various LAN server software options and determine appropriateness and hardware requirements of that option.  In addition, students will evaluate LAN support applications such as backup options with storage area networks, print server, antivirus software, disaster recovery, implementation, user administration, server security, batch server maintenance and setup, and other related topics.  Students will gain hands on experience with installing, testing, and troubleshooting Local Area Network (LAN) servers including but not limited to Microsoft and Linux.

Course Objective:

Specific topic coverage includes: Introduction to Windows Server 2003  and Linux, Managing Hardware Devices, Creating and Managing Users, Implementing and Managing Groups, Managing Access to Files, Managing Disk and Data Storage, Advanced File System Management, Implementing and Managing Printing, Implementing and Using Group Policies, Administering a Server, Monitoring Server Performance, Managing and Implementing Backups and Disaster Recovery, Administering Web Resources, and Security Basics.


"Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment" Dan DiNicolo, April 2004, ISBN: 0-619-12035-5


"Lab Manual for Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment" Dan DiNicolo, Kelly Reid, Jennifer Guttormson, March 2004, ISBN: 0-619-12034-7


"Linux Administration Handbook" Evi Nemeth, Trent H. Hein, February 2005, ISBN: 0131480049










Attendance: Students are expected to attend and be on time for each class.  Notice that 10% of your grade depends on your participation in the class.  Missing more then two lectures will result in a failing grade.  If you are more then 15 minutes late it will count as an absence.

Makeup's will only be arranged for strong reasons, and they will be much harder.  Later homework will not be accepted.

Download Both the Assignment Policy and Syllabus in Microsoft Word format

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